Enhanced speed and precision while
ensuring quality results
Robust combination of people, processes, and technology
to help achieve more predictable outcomes

We offer a full array of bioanalytical services in support of your research, preclinical, early clinical (PK/PD) studies, later-stage clinical trial support, analytical method development, and rapid sample analyses.

Bioanalytical and Pharmacokinetic Analyses
Drug Discovery and Research
Clinical Sample Management and Storage
Protocol and Systems Development

NorthEast Bioanalytical Laboratories is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with several LC/MS/MS systems and Analyst® software for data acquisition, processing, and reporting. HPLC systems equipped with UV and fluorometric detectors that are integrated with the TurboChrom data system for data acquisition and processing.

Other supporting laboratory instrumentation is managed under completely calibrated and validated environment. All sample storage facility with large capacity at -80°C and -20°C is monitored 24 hour and is backed up by generators. Sample preparation techniques include protein precipitation, liquid/liquid extractions, solid phase extractions, derivatizations, and enzymatic hydrolysis, or a combination of techniques, whenever necessary.

Required maintenance and calibration is performed on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of our work. Instrumentation and sample handling systems are in place for high-volume throughput.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

NorthEast Bioanalytical Laboratories has optimized its processes and workflow strategies to maximize efficiency at all stages of project. All work performance from receipt of study samples to reporting of data and completion of study reports is based on a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures that comply with FDA's good laboratory practice regulations. For regulated studies, Quality Assurance staff members ensure that all work has been performed in strict compliance with internal policies and procedures.